Making money without a business

The internet is full of opportunities but only a couple of them are really worth looking into. I have found matched betting to be one of those. Matched betting is a risk free form of gambling by which we place 2 bets to cover all eventualities. That makes the bet risk free. Then the bookmaker will award us with a free bet or perhaps a cash bonus. We can then use that to make an easy profit.

There are many websites out there dedicated to teaching us how to do this. One such site is Profit Accumulator, this has a large membership base that are dedicated to helping you make money from matched betting. However there are better sites out there and OddsMonkey is one of those sites. This site has professionally made software that makes it easier and quicker for their customers to make a profit.

It really is a simple process. We simply place 1 bet at the bookie and then place another bet on the opposite result at the betting exchange. At the end of the event we have either broken even or made a profit. If we have a free bet then we are guaranteed a profit.

This all sounds too good to be true but I assure you that it is a legitimate method for making extra cash every single day. Using the software just makes it so easy that honestly anyone can get involved in this. There are so many bookmakers in the UK there is a constant barrage of offers coming out of the bookies making it really easy to profit from them.

Will this last? It’s really hard to say. This must be hurting the bottom line of the bookies, it just has to be but in order to compete with one another they need to offer incentives. Those incentives mean pounds in the pockets of any matched bettors. So it looks like lasting a while yet. Why let that worry you though, get involved now and start making money.

My only regret is not getting started sooner! I put it off and missed out on months of profit because of my nagging doubts and “it must be a joke” attitude. Don’t make that mistake and get involved today. You can find out more on Martin Lewis’ website Money Saving Expert and also on Wikipedia. Plus this video explains the process of matched betting as I have probably made a hash of it in this post!

Oddsmonkey is a really great website with first class support from their staff. You can earn serious money using their service and they even offer you free 1 to 1 training when you sign up as a premium member. They are determined to help their members make money and so far they have done just that for me.